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MindLink consists of a series of databases and functions for efficient on-line support of any professional involved in financial reporting, budgeting, strategic planning or analysis of business operations in Latvia.


In the Flash News section, you can see a fascinating and detailed history of news flashes going back as far as 2001.  If you are reviewing the tax treatment of a particular transaction in a previous year, and you need to know when a particular amendment came in on a particular tax, you will probably be able to get your answer in the Flash News Archive.  If you are in the middle of budgeting and want to know what particular amendments to legislation are currently being considered by the Cabinet of Ministers relating to a particular tax, you will be able to find a user-friendly summary of the key points.


In the Company Tax Section, you will see a comprehensive summary of all taxes covered supported by a glossary of terms to explain unfamiliar terminology and a large number of relevant and useful lists containing useful reference information for the busy professional.  You need look no further than this site for a copy of all double tax treaties that Latvia has signed with other countries.  Equally, you will find a full list of all organisations approved as charities, useful when computing the correct tax relief in relation to charitable giving. Information on transfer pricing available to our Silver level subscribers (Legislation, Qualifying transactions, Calculation, Documentation, Tax audits and potential penalties).


The Individuals section has always been popular for our Latvian clients.  We have now translated it fully into English.  Whether you are an employee and seeking a tax refund at the end of the year or letting your Latvian flat, your tax questions are answered in this section.


In the EU Corner section, we have included a comprehensive guide to doing business in Latvia and have linked the section to a number of important articles discussing the way that Latvia has implemented EC Directives, in many cases comparing the way that Latvia has achieved this with other Member States. 


Take a look at Topical to see what is new. 

We hope you recognise this site as an essential tool to efficient day-to-day management of the tax affairs of your business and enjoy using it.

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